Things to Consider When Installing Curtain Rods

Things to Consider When Installing Curtain Rods

Type of curtain

If you have not yet purchased your curtains and curtain rods, you’ll want to decide what style of curtain is right for you. Curtains and curtain rods have different styles and you may have to choose the color, design and the material that will match the curtain rod that will provide the room a different effect and function.

Decide where you want the bottom of your curtain to fall

Keep in mind that their length should cover the entire window (unless they are cafe curtains) when purchasing curtains. Make sure the curtain length doesn’t include the length of the tabs if you choose tab top curtains.

Decide on the type and length of a curtain rod

It’s safe to purchase a longer rod or a rod that has a return if you’d like to pull them completely away from the window. It should depend on the type and width of the curtain for the length of the return. Click here to know more important things to consider when buying curtains.

Things to Consider When Installing Curtain Rods

Installing the rod on the casing or outside the casing?

Installing outside the casing allows you to pull the curtains back completely while if you preferred installing in the casing, this will constantly leave at least part of the window concealed. Whichever you choose, will partly be determined by the style and look you want, but you may also have to consider the material of the wall or casing. The curtain rods will need to be installed on the wall if you have plastic window casing. The casing may be easier if you have plaster, cob, or stone walls type of material.

Whether or not you have a return, and the style of the curtain will determine how much they can be compressed, be aware that the curtain will only drawback as far as the brackets holding the curtain rod. The stack back is termed as the amount you can compress a curtain.

Even when the curtains are open, you may consider on keeping part of the window covered, or to let as much light into the room as possible, you may prefer to completely expose the window.

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