Light Your Kitchen Cabinet

Light Your Kitchen Cabinet

Under-cabinet lighting is not just a modern design but is a great tool to keep your kitchen well lighted and helpful for those with no 20/20 vision. Aside from offering great functionality and style, installing lighting will brighten any kitchen or workspace and illuminating countertops. Depending on your needs and cabinet or room layout, there are various designs for you to choose by the best kitchen remodeling contractor. Best of all, installation of most under cabinet lights is an easy do it yourself task.

Useful tips and ideas for getting the prescribed lights for your home:

Plug-In vs. Permanent Lighting

To begin with, consider whether you want a permanent or plug-ins lighting. Plug-in designs and kits are easy to do it yourself task and plug directly into any standard wall outlet. Permanent or direct or hardwired under cabinet lighting gives the convenience of a wall switch but  needs some electrical work to get them in place.

Cost Savvy

It requires low voltage for most under cabinet lighting. This means that it uses a transformer to step down the line voltage coming from your home’s wiring. Either integrated into the light’s design or can be hidden from view for transformers.

There are number lighting sources and bulb types to select.


Energy savers, can last for years and are cool when getting in contact with for the advanced LEDs. There are more and more LED under cabinet lighting designs on the market for these many advantages. LED lighting comes in white light, colors, or color changing strips.

Xenon Bulbs

Combination of warm tones of incandescent bulbs and a boost from xenon gas for lighting with xenon bulbs, which boosting the light and aids prolong the bulb’s life.  


Another option to cast warm, attractive light is by halogen under cabinet lighting. Halogen comes in several sizes, that includes versatile puck lighting that can be set inside cabinets as well as under them. They create pools of light on a countertop when used underneath. Mostly used either on surface or recess mounted.

CFL and Fluorescent

Fluorescent lights may have a higher profile than other types but are energy efficient.


Consider using dimmers to control your new under cabinet lighting no matter what you’ve chosen. Don’t forget to consult the lighting expert for the right specifications of the under cabinet lights you want to use with dimmer.

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