How to make your small house feel bigger

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Whether you’re  claustrophobic or you like entertaining people, you want your home to feel comfortable. Here’s some tips on how to make your small house feel like it’s bigger than it really is.


The number one thing anyone can do to create more space in their home is to buy light bulbs and fixtures that put out a lot of white light. It’s cheap, easy, and most brighter lights are specifically designed to last longer and use less energy than those yellow, old, off color lights that have practically been around since Edison invented the light bulb. So, head to your nearest department store and look for some new lights! Just be sure to buy the correct wattage. Don’t know the correct wattage? Just unscrew a bulb and take it to the store with you.


Using big and spacious mirror in the larger areas of your home, such as a living room, can add a lot of visual space. Used alongside the energy efficient white light bulbs that you just purchased mirrors will add to the visual illusion that there is more space. It’s like adding a few more feet to each room because the mirror creates additional depth. Placing mirrors across from each other can also be fun. Also, consider adding mirror tiles in high traffic areas. This adds an artistic touch in addition to creating more space.

Natural lighting.

Think windows, sliding doors, sky lights. Most homes have these features and it’s just a matter of letting the light flood into the rooms. Natural lighting is a great way to add space to a smaller room and gives a relaxing effect. This will add even more space to those rooms where you placed mirrors by reflecting the natural light and brightening the living areas. Updating your blinds and removing dark curtains that block light will also help in bringing more light into rooms, making them feel bigger.

Removing Items.

A bulky coffee table may be taking up so much space that it’s better to remove it and leave the space empty. Another option is replacing it with something that has the same function but is smaller and more compact. You might consider moving objects around in order to free up the center of the room. This creates more standing area and visually opens the room from ceiling to floor.


Another simple way to add space is by using larger rugs to either replace those items you removed or to act as an accent. Either way, large rugs will add space and make your home feel current, comfortable, and relaxing. Rugs draw the eyes down creating a ceiling to floor focus that makes rooms feel more expansive.


Last but not least, adding vaulted ceilings and higher hanging lighting fixtures will add lots of space to a smaller home. It creates the idea of more head space and breathing room. Just having higher light fixtures or lights built into the ceiling will give this effect. If you can afford, vaulted ceilings can double a room’s size.

These tips work particularly well when combined and most of them are easily done on a small budget. Try them out and you’ll soon be taking deeper breathes in your seemingly larger home.

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