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Light Your Kitchen Cabinet

Under-cabinet lighting is not just a modern design but is a great tool to keep your kitchen well lighted and helpful for those with no 20/20 vision. Aside from offering great functionality and style, installing lighting will brighten any kitchen or workspace and illuminating countertops. Depending on your needs and cabinet or room layout, there are various designs for you to choose by the best kitchen remodeling contractor. Best of all, installation of most under cabinet lights is an easy do it yourself task.

Useful tips and ideas for getting the prescribed lights for your home:

Plug-In vs.

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Home Essentials: Soapstone Countertop

There are massive options in the market today than just marble and granite natural stone for countertops is the subject. If you love the sophisticated beauty of granite and the light dapple of marble, why not consider soapstone. Soapstone is hard wearing, almost low-maintenance, and has a lovely, antiquated feel. Here’s what you need to know about soapstone.

Cost of Soapstone

Soapstone has like the same price to a high-end granite but cheaper than marble. You’ll need around $75 and $150 per square foot for installed soapstone countertop.

Maintenance Issue

Although soapstone will darken naturally upon and it doesn’t stain.… Read the rest

Curtains vs Drapes

There are so many options it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to window treatments and to pick between them is hard. Curtains or Drapes? Which one is better? Whatever material you pick, each has distinct characteristics of its own.

If you’ve been wondering what exactly differentiates a curtain from a drape, here’s what you need to know:


Curtains are fabric panels mostly sold in pairs. Curtains are versatile and a popular choice for every room of the home from the bedroom to living room, even bathrooms and kitchens, you’ll find a wide range of options for its lengths, width, type of fabrics, color (either plain or color combination) and designs.… Read the rest

Bordering Materials for Fireplace

For centuries, the fireplace has been the most distinguished architectural component found at home. Using earthy materials, it can be designed in just about any appearance.

The most exclusive detail remains what we select to cover the fireplace with — from the shape of the hearth to the height of the opening of the firebox to the inclusion of mantels and lighting.

Here are some of the most popular materials used for a fireplace.


The fireplace surrounded by a wood material is a classic one. It breaks up all the vertical and horizontal lines of the wood moldings by placing a decorative layer of stone around the firebox opening as well as on the hearth.… Read the rest

Things to Consider When Installing Curtain Rods

Type of curtain

If you have not yet purchased your curtains and curtain rods, you’ll want to decide what style of curtain is right for you. Curtains and curtain rods have different styles and you may have to choose the color, design and the material that will match the curtain rod that will provide the room a different effect and function.

Decide where you want the bottom of your curtain to fall

Keep in mind that their length should cover the entire window (unless they are cafe curtains) when purchasing curtains.… Read the rest