Bordering Materials for Fireplace

Bordering Materials for Fireplace

For centuries, the fireplace has been the most distinguished architectural component found at home. Using earthy materials, it can be designed in just about any appearance.

The most exclusive detail remains what we select to cover the fireplace with — from the shape of the hearth to the height of the opening of the firebox to the inclusion of mantels and lighting.

Here are some of the most popular materials used for a fireplace.


The fireplace surrounded by a wood material is a classic one. It breaks up all the vertical and horizontal lines of the wood moldings by placing a decorative layer of stone around the firebox opening as well as on the hearth.


For those who opt for a minimal look, the industrial vibe goes hand in hand with steel material. There is a sort of commanding presence if an entire fireplace wall covered in steel. It ensures a unique visual depth by applying a texture to this common material during fabrication.

Bordering Materials for Fireplace


Raw concrete is durable and unique, favored for its diverse and industrial styles. When you opt for an edgy, one of a kind design, aim for this sturdy solution. An addition of a small detail will make a big difference when using exposed hardware to bond the concrete panels to the fireplace. Visit: for choosing the right fireplace to match your lifestyle & décor.


A timeless look when the brick is exposed and is a modern way to update an older brick fireplace. Watch room transformation from good to great by painting the fireplace surround using a bold color.


A serene looking fireplace is what tile material offers. It can transport a fireplace to a transitional style by working on a modern design like using glass tile.


A firebox surrounded by metal is an edgy yet old school like putting an old-world material in a more modern form. Mixing and matching finishes feel comprehensive and off-the-cuff like using metal fireplace the raw wood plank and highly lacquered furniture.

Slab material

It will create a liminal center fireplace by using a fully carved up wall pattern in wood. To complete your project without spending too much, pick for slabs from a stone yard’s leftovers as these material are remainder from other projects.


A marble fireplace provides a quintessential modern living room vibe. Place all the veins of the marble to form a design if you like a touch of flair.

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