Reasons Polished Concrete Outshines Other Flooring Systems

Reasons Polished Concrete Outshines Other Flooring Systems

Polished concrete is nowadays considered to be the most effective flooring option for residential and industrial applications. 

Polished concrete is concrete that has been treated with a densifier to fill up its pores resulting in a smooth surface. With the use of grinding tools, the concrete surface gets to be reflective to light and its aggregates exposed to achieve your desired level of shine.

Polished concrete has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics and functionality. 

Low-Cost Option

This flooring system transforms your existing concrete floor into a beautiful and more durable floor. It lasts a lifetime and does not require too much maintenance.

Permanent Flooring System

This flooring system does not need to be refinished or replaced even after long years of use. 

Reasons Polished Concrete Outshines Other Flooring Systems

Resilient and Durable

With this flooring system, the concrete floor is sealed and densified to make it more durable. It can withstand high foot traffic, vehicle traffic, chemical stains, impact, and abrasion as well as moisture.

Reflects Light

A polished concrete floor comes with a high aesthetic appeal because it has a reflective surface. It can instantly brighten a room because of its glossy surface. Learn more features of polished concrete flooring.

Easy to Customize

Polished concrete comes can be easily customized with the use of saw cutting, stains, and various finish options. It can also be stained in earth tones, solid or vibrant colors, different patterns, and a high gloss. Depending on your customization requirement, this flooring system can have a rustic, modern or sleek look. 

Radiant Floor Heating

Polished concrete is a perfect flooring system for radiant heating systems due to its high thermal conductivity. 

Low Maintenance

Daily mopping and sweeping are all that is need to prevent the accumulation of dirt and to keep the floor in top shape. Occasional damp mopping is recommended to maintain the glossy finish.  If you want to turn your boring and dull garage floor or dark basement into a more amazing space polished concrete is the best flooring system that can create dramatic results.

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