Home Essentials: Soapstone Countertop

Home Essentials: Soapstone Countertop

There are massive options in the market today than just marble and granite natural stone for countertops is the subject. If you love the sophisticated beauty of granite and the light dapple of marble, why not consider soapstone. Soapstone is hard wearing, almost low-maintenance, and has a lovely, antiquated feel. Here’s what you need to know about soapstone.

Cost of Soapstone

Soapstone has like the same price to a high-end granite but cheaper than marble. You’ll need around $75 and $150 per square foot for installed soapstone countertop.

Maintenance Issue

Although soapstone will darken naturally upon and it doesn’t stain.  Soapstone doesn’t need to be sealed since it is inert and non-porous. To achieve a dark, even actualization, it’s sometimes treated with mineral oil.

Daily Protection

Soapstone is impenetrable to acids like lemon juice and red wine, unlike marble. You can place pots directly onto the countertop without worry because it’s also heat resistant. It needs easy cleaning with simple soap and water. Click here for more information about radon and granite counter tops.

Home Essentials: Soapstone Countertop


Soapstone is susceptible to scratches and nicks, although these can be buffed out with sandpaper and its downside is its softness.

Color Availability

Soapstone can be purchased in a range of gray, greenish to black tones. You can also opt for more veining or less veining design. For a darker, smoother look, occasional oiling the countertop will do the works.


Having a stone fabricator is the best option to install the stone in your home if you have no idea or no proper training on installation. Some homeowners, experts in this kind of installation project can probably do it as DIY since soapstone is softer than marble or granite.

Additional Note: If the size of your countertop is longer than seven feet, you will see some kind of seam since it is quarried in smaller slabs than granite or marble.

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